Hi! My name is Christin. 👋🏻 I’m a certified Speech-Language Pathologist who chose this field because of that second word: language. Avid reader, dedicated anglophile, & wannabe author-poet, the only thing that makes me happier than creating products to stoke you and your students’ love of language & books is a hot cup of tea and uninterrupted reading time.

After nearly a decade as a school-based SLP in the public school system, I set off to pursue my love of education and language in other ways. I’m now working as a teleSLP, while creating speech therapy and language learning resources on TpT, writing about speech therapy, books, and a love of language in my newsletters, and building skills as a proofreader and editor.

Hang around for chats about… 👇🏻

🌙 Being an SLP or literacy and language educator

🌙 Pursuing happiness and balance as someone who has dedicated their working life to helping others

🌙 Recognizing the beauty of our jobs while advocating to make the world a better place for us and our students

🌙 Investing time in our own passions for literacy, language, and learning—things that likely drew us to these fields in the first place

🌙 Designing new and effective products that help make your teaching life a little bit happier

You’ll find these topics divided amongst three different newsletters on the homepage:

🌱 A Happy Educator, for all things language and literacy education

🌱 A Happy Reader, for all things cozy and bookish

🌱 Happy Updates, for just the quick and dirty news about new products and updates in the store

You can visit the aforementioned store to find resources and products for you as an educator, especially… 👇🏻

✨ School-based and teleSLPs

Special education teachers


ESL teachers

✨ Classroom teachers providing interventions and differentiated instruction

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I’m a part time teleSLP, product creator on TPT, aspiring proofreader/editor, and avid bookworm and word nerd. ✨ www.ahappylearner.com ✨