keep in touch for the ordinary pondering of a public school SLP + TpT author

As a high school student, I intended to be a secondary history and/or english teacher. At some point, the introvert in me won out and I decided to change career paths. Combing through a manual for the university I had already enrolled in, I discovered Speech-Language Pathology. I knew I wanted to teach and this seemed the perfect avenue. 

Over ten years later, I’m an ASHA certified SLP in my sixth year at a public school. In my six years, I’ve worked with students aged 3 – 18. I started my TpT store in 2013 as Happy Speech Therapy and grew it over the next several years. I’m happily married to my best friend and fellow adventurer, Jason, who, with his graphic design prowess, helps ensure my products are professional and pretty. 

Education is truly one of our passions and we hope to share that with you here. With the anticipated shifts in our life, as well as expanding interests and opportunities, we began rebranding in 2018, eventually creating A Happy Learner. I’m so excited about what it has the opportunity to become.