the end has come

week 9

Weekly Thoughts

Well, what a couple of weeks. I’ve definitely never had a school year that involved IEP meetings and writing so late in the year. Typically, I would have turned in my final copies weeks ago. This year, however, I was left scrambling until yesterday, when I held my last phone conference. I’ve also never used the scan to pdf app on my phone so much in my life as I had to figure out how to do all of the required paperwork without the aid of copiers, printers, scanners, etc… At the end of last week, I had devised a plan that had me finishing my work by Wednesday afternoon. By Monday mid-morning, I knew that was one of the most unrealistic plans I had ever come up with. I spent the week having phone conferences, trying to have teletherapy, and doing millions of tiny paperwork tasks. It was exhausting. But you know what? I’m pretty much done, so thank the Lord for that.

Next week, I’m taking time off from it all. No TpT development, no blogging, no newsletter. You might see me on insta, but that’s probably about it. The SLP brain needs a break.

What’s New This Week:

On the blog this week, I shared my thoughts on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist from an SLP perspective.

My socializing online was pretty limited this week, but I did do some reading on Annie Glen and shared some thoughts on her passing.

Over on GoodReads, the AHL Book Club is looking at chapter 6 of I’d Rather Be Reading.

Reading, Watching, Listening, Doing

I’ve gotta be honest…. my activities were slim this week. But…

I’ve been reading One Long River of Song by Brian Doyle, finished Learning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown Taylor, started The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr, am still plowing through a re-read of The Silmarillion, Phantases by George MacDonald, and The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson.

We started watching The Big Flower Fight on Netflix which we enjoy, but mostly compare to The Great British Bake Off.

That’s my life this week. Looking forward to a rest next week and I’ll be back in June!