Working from home as a public school SLP

week 1

Happy Saturday to you, where ever you are!

The coronavirus madness continues and this week I worked from home for the first time in my public school career. And, it seems, that will be the new normal until at least the middle of April.

Yesterday, I spent much of the day participating in ZOOM meetings and organizing the materials I brought home. One thing I definitely realized - being an SLP is not a minimalist endeavor! My husband’s swap to WFH life involved nothing more than having his laptop set up to work on his office’s server. Mine has involved transforming our dining room into something of makeshift office complete with bins and bags of therapy materials.

I’m also learning a lot about different technologies through this. In the last week, I’ve been learning how to use ZOOM, Nearpod, and Remind, as well as exploring Google Classroom. FlipGrid, and more. Right now, my brain space is mostly being used to weigh the various options I have for service delivery. There’s an amazing number of options out there, but figuring out what is going to be the most efficient and effective is the challenge of the weekend.

All of my physical materials are being assessed for their remote learning worthiness, as well. How easy is this to understand without my brilliant directions? Would they actually complete this without me breathing down their necks? Can I really expect parents to have scissors and glue sticks? These are the questions I face.

On a teacher-author note, I’ve been contemplating pilfering through my own materials on TpT to see what seems most distance learning appropriate so that I can share that with others, but, to be honest, I just haven’t had the gumption to do that yet. Maybe next week.

Day by day. That’s how I have to approach this right now. Day by day.

Cheers to you and yours!